Pirouette Master

Împreuna cu forta centrifuga creata pe întoarceri,forma convexa mareste punctele slabe în tehnica de baza si de cotitura. Acest lucru va permite sa deveniti constienti de aceste defecte si sa le îmbunatatiti.
Va ofera o suprafata suficienta pentru echilibrare,ce va usura realizarea numeroaselor viraje.
 Frana de siguranta,datorita plasari sale,nu interfereaza cu utilizarea normala.

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Unique to the pirouetteMASTER™, the safety brake is designed to prevent falls on Flat Mode. Due to its placement, it does not interfere with normal use and only engages when you’re about to fall. 


The pirouetteMASTER™ was designed with not border walls to avoid unnecessary discomfort on your foot. It also features two plantar pads for added comfort and more grip

Together with the centrifugal force created when turning, the pirouetteMASTER™’s convex shape magnifies weak spots in core and turning technique.This enables you to become conscious of those faults, and improve upon them.

Teaches the body the feeling of multiple turns and exercises spotting. 

It gives you plenty of surface area for balancing. This makes it easier to accomplish numerous turns. 


Unique to the pirouetteMASTER™, it allows you to practice turns on relevé. The relevé pad (offering less surface area to balance) combined with the flaw-magnifying effect of the product’s convex shape, teaches your body maximum balance and control on relevé. This will translate to more controlled turns off of the pirouetteMASTER™.

Built with durable yet lightweight materials, the pirouetteMASTER™ is made to last. It also comes in three colors ready to match your vibes!

In order to further advance your turning skills, you’ll need to perform exercises to improve balance and core strength. Enlisting the help of an athletic trainer, we created a comprehensive list of exercises and workouts to help you do just that. We strongly believe that doing this exercises together with your pirouetteMASTER™ training will help you achieve great results. 


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