Danztech- Mini geluri

Danztech- Mini geluri

Mini Gel -2 perechi gel siliconic.

Realizate din Gelastic- un gel incredibil de moale, hipoalergenic ,

imbunatatit cu uleiuri minerale care racoresc si calmeaza degetele picioarelor.

Asigura protectie degetelor la impactul cu solul.

Se pot muta de la o pereche la alta a incaltarilor.

After use wash the pads in soapy warm water, dry gently and powder them with talc.



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Cod:DTMG Danztech Mini Gel- 2 pairs

Provide impact protection for your toes.

ToeSavers™ Mini Gel Pads are your wish come true. At last, a compact pad that performs outstandingly alone or in combination with other forms of padding. ToeSavers™ Mini pads are made from Gelastic®, an incredibly soft, resilent, hypoallergenic gel that soothes with pharmaceutical grade mineral oil while providing impact protection for your toes. 

ToeSavers™ Mini Gel pads are designed to fit in the tip of your shoe's toe box. They come in fun assorted colors, two pair in two sizes to a package to provide a custom fit in most toe boxes. These pads are perfect for the minimalist.


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