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-the arch

-strengthens the ankle

-neuro-muscular condition

-flexibility of the foot and ankle
Pro Arch is a single piece and can be used for both feet, one at a time. 

Many athletes and dancers, more specifically, are constantly working to achieve arched feet.

One size only, from 33 to 45


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PRET fara TVA =540 lei(TVA 102.60 lei)

The Pro-Arch® is a device designed for the performance of exercises which increase the flexibility and strength of the ankle as well as the tarsal and metatarsal joints.

The more flexible and strong you are, the less likely you are to get injured. Pro-Arch® aims to lengthen and strengthen your muscles and tendons.

To do this you must carefully follow a step-by-step program devised to improve your flexibility and strength.

Pro-Arch® also helps reduce cramps, tendonitis and muscle strain.
Especially in dance, gymnastics, swimming and diving, where for functional and aesthetic reasons a particularly arched foot is most important, Pro-Arch is found to be an invaluable instrument for athletes, dancers and physical therapists.

My experience with Pro-Arch has convinced me on its importance and I suggest it for both the amateur and the professional athlete.”    

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