Grishko Fuette

Grishko Fuette

Fuette are o casetă de susținere ușor conică, platforma medie, cu tijă/shank lung, duritate mare.  Vamp-ul mediu spre inalt.
Asigura un echilibru bun, confort si durabilitate remarcabilă.
Asigură o linie deosebita a piciorului si a arcului.

Material: satin roz, iar talpa din piele naturala.
Panglica si elasticul nu sunt incluse!


270,00 lei cu TVA

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Leather sole, cotton drawstring.

These modell suits all types of feet.

They are recommended for professional ballet dancers and senior students.

Grishko pointe shoes are made in Moscow, Russia, by expert cobblers who craft each shoe individually by hand, using natural, non-toxic materials.

The company designs its shoes based on in-depth study of anatomy and function, to best ensure superb performance and protect dancers' health and safety on pointe.

Grishko's attention to detail includes balancing each shoe by hand; using cotton drawstrings to protect against tendonitis over-tightened elastic can cause; using glues that help the toe box mold beautifully to the foot; maintaining shank mobility at the heel without sacrificing support; designing both platforms and soles to be flat and stable for excellent balance on and off pointe; and selecting only the finest satin for a beautiful appearance.

Grishko pointe shoes are considered reliable, durable and consistent.

Ribbons not included.