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Accesorii "Comfort"

Accesorii pentru protectia in poante, confectionate din gel siliconic

Modelul "Comfort" a fost conceput pentru balerinele experimentate

Lateralele acopera proeminentele osoase (monturile) si sunt mai groase.

Nu vor simti duritatea poantelor!

Marime universala

Este recomandat sa cumparati perechea de poante cu un numar mai mare.

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68,00 RON
cu TVA

Termenul de livrare este de 2-3 zile lucratoare din momentul confirmarii comenzii catre noi.

Costul transportului difera in functie de valoarea si volumul comenzii, astfel:

-10,80 lei plicurile si coletele livrate in Bucuresti

-14,30 lei/ PLICURI pentru localitatile din tara si Ilfov

-16,10 lei /CUTII pentru localitatile din tara si Ilfov

-Livrarea GRATUITA pentru coletele cu valoare mai mare de 500 de lei, in localitatile care se afla in aria de acoperire a Fan Courierului.

Pentru detalii complete privind livrarea si plata va rugam sa accesati pagina Livrarea produselor

Modalitate de returnare:

Va rugam sa ne instiintati de intentia de a returna produsul printr-un email la adresa, care sa contina numele, data achizitiei si produsul pe care doriti sa-l returnati.

Produsul trebuie returnat prin curier rapid, cu ramburs 0 lei. Toate taxele vor fi suportate de catre client.

Pentru detalii complete privind conditiile de retur, va rugam sa accesati pagina Returnare/schimb

Mod de intretinere:

Se pot spala cu delicatete sub jetul de apa rece

Se usuca si se pudreaza inainte si dupa fiecare folosire, cu pudra de talc

A nu se lasa in soare ! Se incalzesc, devin moi si lipicioase .

Content: Gel pads


To ensure maximum comfort the sides and edges of these pads are made as thin as possible. The longevity of the Pointe Comfort toe pads will coincide with how gently they are applied or removed.

To prevent tearing the pads as you put them on, place the toe end of the pad in the palm of your hand, sprinkle the pad lightly both inside and outside with a light coating of body powder, then gently push the pad up onto the bare foot.

Then, pull your tights on over the pads being careful to smooth the sides and edges of the pad up onto the foot as you go. You may trim the top edge of the pad as needed.

The Pointe Comfort toe pads work best when worn with convertible tights. The convenient opening of these tights allows easy access to apply or remove the pads.

Our products can be worn over tights, but when doing so you lose some of the material’s ability to absorb and dissipate shock and shear forces.

This may contribute to blister development.

Designed for the experienced dancer, Pointe Comfort Shoe Pads cradle your toes, reducing impact shock, shear and pressure points on the foot to make performing more enjoyable and possibly extend the life of your career.

CARE: Pointe Comfort toe pads can be washed with hand soap and then rinsed thoroughly with cold water by simply holding under the cold water faucet. They should then be coated lightly with body powder after each washing.

This keeps them smooth and fresh and makes it easy to slide them into place.

1) Lightly dust pads with powder (talcum or body) both inside and out.
2) Insert your toes into the pouch.
3) Pull your tights on over the pads.
4) Ensure the pad covers the toes without any creases.
5) One size fits all. If required, cut the edges of the pads to size so that cushioning is provided only where needed, and is not taking up unnecessary space.
6) Put your pointe shoe on carefully, ensuring you load your foot centrally.

FITTING: Recommend one
size larger Pointe shoe to ensure proper fitting.

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