Panglica satin+elastic

 Panglica elastica pentru poante sau flexibili, de la Sansha.

Confectionata din satin in culoarea poantelor.

Lucioasa pe o parte si mata pe cealalta.

Dimensiuni standard:

Lungime :130cm



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Super satin elastic ribbon

Single face satin ribbon

Light Professional Pink
2 Elastic per pair
Width 2.3cm
Length 130cm 


Many female dancers develop Achilles' Tendonitis due to the nature of pointe work.

Too often, ribbons that are tied too tightly restrict the ankles and create excessive pressure on the Achilles' tendon.

Flexers are designed to help alleviate the pressure that causes this irritation.

They are snug and secure, yet stretch with the movement of the ankle.

They enable the dancer to rise from plié, through demi-pointe and onto pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess.

Recommended by physical therapists, used by professionals.

That is a real rescue for your feet! Forget about excessive strain of muscles!

The secret of the new product is that a special insert made of both soft and very resilient elastic is sewn to the ordinary satin ribbon. The well thought out design of the ribbon simultaneously provides fixation and convenience. The soft insert gets precisely on the Achilles tendon without binding it, and the other parts of the ribbon provide reliable fixation of the pointe shoe.

1. Sew ribbon to the pointe shoe, making sure that the elastic insert precisely covers the Achilles tendon.
2. Fasten ribbon from the interior of the ankle bone in a double knot, then tuck the free ends. 


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