Elastic invizibil

Elastic invizibil pentru poante,lat de 2 cm si lung de 1 metru.

Cusut alaturi de panglici, va preveni alunecarea poantelor din picior.

Nuantat usor in roz, asemanator cu culoarea dresului sau a poantelor, nu va fi vizibil pe picior!

Ideal pentru spectacole sau concursuri, cat si pentru antrenamentele de zi cu zi!


20,00 lei cu TVA

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         "Invisible" Elastic

Over "there," the ballerinas appear to be dancing in shoes secured only by satin ribbon, and they also appear to have not the slightest worry about their shoes slipping off.
The "secret" is :

Invisible Elastic, stretchy, lace-like material that virtually disappears next to tights.

No more pointe shoes slipping off your heel!

Used by dancers in addition to ribbon to help secure pointe shoes.

Once attached to the back of your shoes these invisible elastics will prevent your shoes from coming off. 

Works for technique slippers, too.
Imported European "Invisible" Pink Elastic.

Sold in 32 cm lengths:2 pieces of 16 cm each