Freed Classic Pro 90 Hard

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 Freed of London Pointe Shoes -(Classics, Studios, Pros and everything you need to know) - YouTube

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Poante Freed of London, model "CLASSIC PRO 90"  cu talpa din piele naturala.
Shank puternic sub metatarsian si flexibil sub calcai.
Vamp adancime moderata spre scazuta, cu o usoara forma de "U".
Box puternic, realizat din material biodegradabil ce creeaza o rezistenta sporita.
Calcaiul inaltime medie
Platforma usor inclinata, pentru echilibru optim.
Elastic tip snur pentru fixarea perfecta pe picior.
Purtate de dansatori de nivel intermediar și avansat care au nevoie de mai mult sprijin și durabilitate.
Se recomanda cumpararea unei perechi cu o masura mai mare fata de cat purtati la incaltamintea de strada, pentru lejeritate si pentru a avea spatiu pentru accesoriile din silicon sau buretel care imbraca degetele, la interior.
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Masura   4 UK= masura europeana 35 sau 35,5
Masura 4,5 UK=
masura europeana 36 spre 36,5
Masura   5 UK= masura europeana 37 sau 37,5
Masura 5,5 UK= masura europeana 38 sau 38,5
Masura   6 UK= masura europeana 39 sau 39,5
Masura 6,5 UK= masura europeana 39,5 sau 40
Masura   7 UK= masura europeana 40.5 sau 41

Freed Classic latimi:

X= extra narrow/ foarte ingust
XX=narrow / ingust
XXX=medium/ mediu, normal
XXXX=wide/ lat

Styles and Types: Freeds have three main styles, the Classics, Classic Pro, and Studio.
Classics are the most unique, because they are handmade.
Please note at present the Classic Pro Standard and Hard back is available from makers Anchor, V, O, D, Q, T, Z. A, Club and Fish. The Classic Pro 90 is available from makers Triangle, U, Maltese Cross, L, Crown, Heart and Star.
They come in three widths.
The box shape and strength varies with the maker.
The chart below shows some basic characteristics of each maker:

Freed Classic Pro 90, hard pointe shoes.

Entirely hand made according to Freed who use biodegradable materials.

Medium 3/4 shank, deep vamp, low sides and elastic drawstring to flatter the line on pointe.

Box with a 90° for a perfect alignment between your hips  and your ankles.

Used by more professionals than any other pointe shoes.

The perfect shoe for the dancer who requires a pointe shoe, with a hard insole and a true right angled platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Freed Classics are made by hand especially for you, therefore please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Classic Pro 

Meeting the needs of todays intermediate dancer and beyond.

Product Code: Classic Pro SBTCP
Sizes: UK 3 to 8 1/2 including half sizes
Widths: Medium (no X stamp), X, XX, and XXX
Insole: Classic Pro

Key Features:
- Hand lasted by Freed Of London Pointe Shoe Makers
- Constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components
- Platform shaped to an en pointe angle, - Optimum en pointe position
- Freed's Classic Pro insole: Graduated design strong under the metatarsal and flexible under the heel, enables the  dancer to feel supported while also presenting the curve of the instep
- Extra deep vamp cut to a slight V shape,
- Light wing block,
- Strong block platform,
- Side cut lower,
- Elastic drawstring
- Suitable for experianced pointe work students, who require a more technical shoe
- Made in the UK

  • Hand lasted by Freed of London pointe shoe makers, constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable products.
  • Perfect for the dancer who has completed their basic pointe work training and also the more experienced dancer

    Satin : Upper

  • Textile : Lining

  • Leather : Sole

  • Platform angled to 90 degrees

  • positions the dancer stability and centrally en pointe

• Freed's Classic Pro insole: Graduated design strong under the metatarsal and flexible under the heel

• Extra deep vamp cut round -Light Wing block -Strong block and platform

• Side cut lower

• Elastic drawstring

  • Sizes : UK 3 Large to 8 Large, including half sizes. Fittings X, XX, XXX

  • Colour : Pink

  • A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend professional fitting. We advise that the dance teacher approve the shoe before wearing.

  • Ribbons and elastics are sold separately


To maximise the life span of your pointe shoes after wear remove your toe pads and put them somewhere to air and dry out. Do not store in polythene bags. It also helps to fill the block area of the shoe with thin paper. This encourages the block to maintain its original shape. The outside tip (platform) of the shoes should be protected by using suede toe caps or darning. This reduces the wear and improves the grip.

Frederick Freed, started to handcraft and customise pointe shoes for professional dancers in the heart of London's theatre land, today nearly 250,000 pairs of Classic Pointe Shoes are manufactured in the traditional 'turn-shoe' method by Freed of London every single year, each and every one painstakingly hand crafted by a highly skilled maker. Two thirds of all Classic Pointe Shoes are made to Dancer's individual specifications which require accuracy to within 3 mm.

In 1996 Freed of London developed and launched the Studios pointe shoe range. This heralded a new era in pointe shoe production for Freed of London with the marriage of the latest manufacturing technology together with the history and experience of our founder. The unique making technique of the Studios pointe shoes ensures consistency and uniformity with every pair of shoes, while still encompassing the world famous key features our pointe shoes are known for. It is the combination of skill, expertise and dedication to the customer that gives the Freed pointe shoe its world renowned reputation of excellence.

classic pro 90 hard
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